Information for Officials at Championship Events


Time controls may occur a) Before the Start, b) After the Finish or occasionally c) Part way round the course.

Two Officials at the control – Leader & Assistant – Leader allocates the tasks.  You only work with one competitor at a time. For option c) an additional Marshal will be required.

Equipment: chair – 2 stopwatches, one each + preferably a reserve – mounted map piece and cover – pointing board – compass – pens – clipboard may be useful – specimen control card.

Before start of competition:

·        Work out who is doing which jobs.

·        Check you have all the equipment.

·        Check with compass where North is and be sure you can orientate the map board in front of the competitor.

·        Run through procedure with volunteers.


1.      a) Before Start. Call competitor from Assembly point 

b) After Finish. Call competitor from waiting area

c)  Part way round Course. Marshal to collect map and record arrival time on both control cards, and hold competitor until called by officials.

2.      Take competitor’s control cards.

3.      While positioning the wheelchair or seating the competitor on a chair make sure that the marshals bodies obscure any view of the control markers.  Make sure chair or wheelchair is always in the same position on the path.

4.      Confirm that competitor can see all of the control markers. Do not allow them time to assess the problem.

5.      One Official hands covered map board to competitor correctly orientated.  Other Official holds, or places the Pointing Board within reach of competitor; this can be fixed close to the chair.

6.      Remove map cover and start both stopwatches at the same time.

7.      As letter is touched on the board stopwatches stopped.  Accept only the first answer. The competitor should hold the position until answer has been recorded.

8.      Leader keep an eye on the stopwatch time – if no answer has been given at 50 seconds just state to competitor, ’50 seconds gone’.  At one minute say,‘time exceeded’.

9.      Letter touched is recorded onto both control cards in appropriate box. If no answer was given at 1minute record ‘X’ in the box on the card.

10.  Each stopwatch time is rounded down to whole seconds.  Both times are recorded onto both control cards in box provided.  If an error or watch failure, enter just the one time.

11.  Show competitor recorded data and return control cards.

12.  With c) Marshal to record ‘restart time’ on both control cards and return map.

 Competitor will then continue, a) to the Start, b) to the Assembly area, c) the Course.

Information for Officials at Championship Events


Equipment: mounted clock – competition maps - specimen control card - pens – clipboard may be useful.

Before start of competition:

·        Check you have all the equipment.

·        Check you understand the clock in use and the control card.


1.      Receive competitor from Time Control or Assembly

2.      Write time you will Start them onto the control card, in hours and minutes.  Use only full minutes.  Allow at least 2 minutes between competitors starting and a minimum of 8 minutes between members of the same Federation.

3.      Issue map at Start Time and off they go.

Information for Officials at Championships Events



Equipment: mounted clock – pens – specimen control card – box or bag for collected maps and control cards - clipboard may be useful.

Before start of competition:

·        Check you have all the equipment.

·        Check you understand the clock in use and the control card.


1.      As competitor crosses the line note the time and record this onto their control cards.  Record in hours, minutes and seconds.

2.      Collect in all competition maps.

3.      Show competitors the waiting area for last timed control, if applicable.

4.      Collect control cards.

Place Maps in provided box and pass control cards to Results Team if on site. Alternatively both maps and control cards will be collected and delivered to the Administration Centre.