Information for Officials for Championship Events                                          

RESULTS CALCULATION: There is an established Excel results calculation programme available. A new version (July 2010) which requires no change of formulae for anything up to 22 controls plus up to four timed controls is available here.

An Excel file of the Day 1 and combined Day1&2 results of the 2004 European Trail O Championship event (with two timed controls) is here. Instructions for changing entries to ranked results are given in red at the bottom of the sheet. An Excel file of the one day BTOC 2005 results, with three timed controls, is here. Note that in this one, the ranked results are on sheet 2 and the entries are intact on sheet 1. You will need Microsoft Excel to open them and adapt them to your own event.

If you just want to view Excel files, get a free viewer at

Ideally results will be calculated at the finish, the alternative being an administration area, which is near.

Helpers:  Ideally three, one to collect cards and two for the processing (two can cope).

Equipment: Power source for laptop computer, if it is possible to get a car to the finish, this can be the battery from the car, via a voltage converter. Otherwise a separate battery or generator will be required.

Box for second cards to be returned to competitors, boxes for cards waiting to be checked and for processed cards. Master punched control card or solution map. Pens. Paper.

Before start of competition:

·         Check you have all the equipment.

·         Check you understand these instructions.

·         If using the computer programme, do a test run.


·         Separate the two cards, one to the ‘returns’ box, work with the second.

·         From Finish and Start times work out Time Taken – record under Finish time.  This should be under the course allowance.  If over you will return to it later.

·         Check any line with more than one punch mark.

·         If the competition is using dedicated punches for each control, accidental double punching can be identified. It will appear as two different punch marks in a line with one of the marks being repeated in the same position in the following line. The controller may decide to allow such marks to score.        

·         If the competitors are carrying their own punches more than one punch mark or no punch mark is deemed incorrect. 

·         In both cases no change of decision and punching is permitted; in this case more than one identical mark will appear in a line, sometimes with an attempt to erase the wrong one

·         Draw a line through any such disqualified line, avoiding the central box.   A lost card causes disqualification from the whole competition.

Transferring information to computer

·         Assistant to call results to computer operator using phonic alphabet, eg 1 Alpha, 2 Echo

·         A double check from computer operator to assistant should be made, again with phonic alphabet.

Results analysis

Results are analysed as they are entered. Officials can keep check on the competition results for each control on screen and check decisions in the terrain if required.  

Results:  The program produces a ranked list, with full competitor choice and timings.

The Team Trophy results are produced manually by selecting the results of the top two competitors from a Federation and adding those results. They are then ranked by score and separated by time at the Time Controls as required.

Display Board: The relevant fields, name, country, points and time have to be transferred manually for display.

Manual Results

Follow the procedures above then manually

A - Points calculation:

1.       Check the punch marks against the Master card for each of the controls – tick each correct one and circle each incorrect.

2.       Check the answers of the timed controls against the master card – tick or circle - record the number correct in box under ‘TC correct’.

3.       Add up the number correct on the main course, and then add on the TC correct.  Record with competitor’s name on paper.

4.       If Time Taken was over the course limit - One point should be deducted from their score for each 5 minutes - or part thereof - over the allocated time limit.  Adjust Score if necessary, and record corrected Score in box.

B – Time calculation – scrap paper may be needed:

1.       In TC1 column, find the average of the two watch times, which should be in seconds on the sheet.  Your answer may show a half second.

2.       In TC2 column, find the average of the two watch times, as above.  If only one time recorded at either control, use that as the average time.

3.       Add together these two average times and record in box under ‘Average’.

4.       Calculate Penalty times – 60 seconds for each incorrect answer at a TC; 120 seconds if no answer recorded (X on card).  Add up penalty time and record in box under ‘Penalty’

5.       Add Average time to Penalty time and record in box above ‘Corrected Time’, in seconds.

6.       When a card is completed please sign it in the margin.

7.       Get the cards checked by 2 people if possible, especially if penalties and points loss are involved.  Second person to sign as well.

Ranking Results:

·         Competitors are ranked according to their points score, with competitors on equal points being ranked according to their Corrected Time at the timed controls.

Display and Publication

       All information must be typed as a ranked list and display material made available.