Trail Orienteering (Trail O)

Trail O is a different kind of Orienteering, more reliant on accurate map reading skills than physical ability. The Trail O course is around Lower Strinesdale's easy-access path - a level and well surfaced route suitable for all abilities.

Objectives of Trail-O
As you travel around the easy-access path there are posts marked with a blue number, numbered 1 - 10, which are known as viewing points. From each viewing point you will see three posts with red and white orienteering symbols near their tops. You have to decide which one of these three posts corresponds to the centre of the circle marked on the map.


  1. Study the map and with the help of the legend (key) work out what the symbols represent. e.g. black triangleis a symbol for boulders.
  2. The Trail-0 course is marked on the map by numbered circles. These represent control sites, which are viewed from the viewing points. They should be visited in numbered order.
  3. At each viewing point the blue numbered post points in the direction of the three red and white orienteering posts. There is no need to leave the path.
  4. At the viewing point you must choose the one of the three orienteering posts that corresponds most closely to the centre of the circle on the map. Only one post is correct. Precise map reading using all the available information is essential as the posts are sometimes close together.
    three marker posts on vegetation boundaries, viewing post, and corresponding map
  5. Having decided which of the three posts is at the feature in the middle of the map circle, you must next decide whether it is A, B or C. This can easily be done as Post A is always the furthest to the left of the three, Post B is in the middle and Post C is the furthest to the right, as you look at them from the viewing point.
  6. To record your answer mark the appropriate box on the bottom right hand side of the map. e.g If at control 2 you decide the answer is B you mark box B, and your control card will look like this. Three boxes A, B, C, with an X in box B
  7. When you have completed the course of 10 controls return to the Strinesdale Centre to have your answers checked by a member of the Oldham Countryside Service.
You can have as much physical help as you want, to complete the course, but you must make your own decision at each viewing point. This applies also to Trail O competitions.

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