Unfortunately although this area is on the whole suitable for those with limited mobility it is almost devoid of complex contours.I have therefore had to devise controls from an unpromising base.
The reason for the length of the Elite course was to model the forthcoming
World Trail O Championships, which are to be held in Norway later this year.

Control 1     From the start one should have an elevated view of the controls  
                    near the circle,as one decends,the thicket goes out of view giving
                    a Zero answer.
Control 2     C, D & E are all in the re-entrant, but only" D" is on the same level
                    as the north end of the linear marsh SW of 3 low trees.
Control  3    "B" centre of depression not deepest part.
Control  4     Half way between trees. Measurement to foot of trees gives "B",
                     however measurement from edge of green circle to green dot
Control  5     With no lateral lines of sight across re-entrant one has to use
                      distance estimation,using track to small tree as an aid.18Mts.
                     Flags were placed at 20,30 & 40 Mts down centre of Re-entrant
                     from the small tree. " A" on Standard & "B" on Elite.
Control  6     Zero , flag positioned at deepest part of depression, 1.5 Mts
                     from centre of depression.
Control  9     "D"  Just a case of identifying which trees the flag was placed
Control  10    "B" Lines of sight as shown on solution sheet eliminated A & D.
Control  11    "B" is on a direct line between Commemorative boulder & small
                       knoll intersected by sight line from tree at junction to left side
                       of thicket. There was no restriction to you traversing the site
                       before returning to DP to make final decision.
Control  12     Zero, control centred mid point of earth wall. Vegetation
                        was cleared from West end & a flag placed on East end.
                        Flag "A" was 1.1mts east of centre on a 9Mt earth wall.
Control  14    "C" is half way between centre of track & tree North of path.
Control  15     Whilst travelling  between 10 & 11 one may have noticed a gap
                        in the trees to South of track.Line of sight from tree at track
                        junction to East post  in distance South of control goes
                        through "C" & similarly from same tree to small knoll West
                        side of mature coppice goes through "D"
                        ( Sorry no ship wrecks on The Chase!!!)
                        All one had to do now was remember this whilst visiting 11 to
                        14 !!!! centre of re-entrant was confirmed from small tree to
                         leaning tree East of control ( not easily spotted now trees are
                        in leaf.
Control  16      Similar features give Zero .  
Control  17      "C" is on direct line of fence to North of clearing.
Control  18      "A" Line of sight from vegetation NW to far tree.
Control  20      Zero , North side of coppice not visible from DP.
Control  21      "A"  For those whose concentration was now flagging you
                         may have missed the small knoll before the descent,
                         from here flag A was in direct line to fence bend.
                         See solution map for fixation of other flags.
                         One could also notice that all flags were on West side of drain.

                        Dave Gittus ( Planner)