WTOC 2009 TempO demo

The TOC would like to thank you all for attending the demo of TempO at WTOC and particularly for waiting so long to take your turn in such wet weather.

The results using SI equipment can be found HERE as a pdf file, and for those of you who want to know how it was done, here is the Excel file. Wherever possible the correct names have now been assigned to dibber numbers, where we have the information available.

The results using stopwatches are HERE as a pdf file

Please would you let us have your opinions and any ideas that you have for improvements to be considered.

Was it interesting? Will you be keen to compete in an inaugural competition during the WTOC 2010 programme in Norway?

Replies should go to jari.turto@modultek.com and owe.fredholm@telia.com with copies to sari.salomaa-niemi@tampere.fi and anne@trailo.org